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Excellent attention has been compensated on environmental security and energy conserving. Because of to our broad item range and prosperous activities in this market, Furthermore, WE CAN Make Customized VARIATORS, GEARED MOTORS, Electrical MOTORS AND OTHER HYDRAULIC Products In accordance TO CUSTOMERS’ DRAWINGS. EPTT Manufacturing unit EPTT EPT EPTT Glass EPTron Sputtering Coating EPT

  1. Main technological indicators
    1. Efficient plating area: 2440mm (length) times 1830mm (width)
    2. Track record EPT: one.five times10-3Pa (eight several hours)
    3. Leakage in the EPT chamber: Following the system reaches the ultimate EPT, close all valves, and the force in the EPT chamber will be considerably less than 3Pa soon after 1 hour.
    4. EPTTrget dimensions: DC cylindrical rotating target phi152 times230mm
    5. Single concentrate on DC magnetron EPTT supply EPTT: 80KW
    6. Creation cycle: about ninety seconds (besides for plating easy movie, plating response movie)
    7. Overall mounted EPTT: 320KW (incXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. 167KW for EPT unit and 150KW for magnetron sputtering EPTT provide)
    8. Cooling h2o consumption: 10m3/h
    9. Compressed air: .five-.6MP
    10. Thickness of coated EPT: three-6mm
  1. Major tools configuration
  1. Vacuum chamber entire body: produced of carbon metal material, the box physique is bent into an L condition with 12mm carbon metal plate, and the flange at the two ends of the container is made of 35mm carbon metal plate. The leading flange is 40mm and the inner surface is poEPTTd. The stiffener is bent into a U-shape with 8mm carbon metal plate. The toes are square tubes. All cover plates are produced of 25mm thick carbon steel plate.

Each coating area is geared up with an observation window to observe the functioning problem of the concentrate on
seven EPT chambers linked in sequence, incXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. the coating chamber, the front and rear pre-extraction chambers and the entrance and rear good extraction chambers at each finishes, and the 6 EPT locks (positioned in the front and rear pre-extraction chambers and the front and rear fantastic extraction chambers). The real size of the cabinet is topic to the design ).
Front and rear pre-extraction area dimension: 3100 (L) instances 2400 (W) moments one hundred sixty (H)
mm (two)
Front and rear good extraction room dimensions: 3100 (L) occasions 2400 (W) occasions a hundred and sixty (H) mm (two)
Entrance and back again changeover place measurement: 3100 (L) instances 2400 (W) occasions 380 (H) mm
Coating room measurement: 3250 (L) occasions 2800 (W) occasions 450 (H) mm (1)

  1. EPTT technique:

The EPT shaft in the EPT chamber is protected with an EPT alloy tube and a rubber ring. The interior EPTT is EPTn by a synchronous belt, and the positioning is managed by a journey swap the EPTT bearing is a ball bearing.
The EPTT shaft in the coating place utilizes a carbon steel seamless tube outer rubber ring. The EPTT mode is EPTn by the same EPT, and the positioning is controlled by a stroke switch the EPTT shaft roller bearing uses a ball bearing.
The outside of the EPT chamber is composed of electric powered motors, EPTTes and other elements. The EPTT velocity is controlled by a frequency converter.
The entrance and back tough extraction room, front and back fantastic extraction area, front and back changeover area, and coating place are every single managed by a frequency converter.
Every of the film-in system and the movie-out system is managed by an inverter.
Push motor: seven sets in total,
EPTT wheelbase: about 250 mm-300 mm)

  1. Vacuum lock component

The EPT lock plate is created of LY-12 EPT. The lock plate swap is EPTn by a cylinEPTTand a EPTT EPT rack. The lock channel is 2000 times 35mm.

  1. Vacuum box sealing device

The connecting part of the box body and the box body utilizes phi12mm sealing EPTT, and all protect plates are sealed with rubber rings (incXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. target go over plates)
Use phi 12mm sealing EPTT, and the sealing EPTT is installed on the EPT chamber.

  1. Vacuum program:

Front and rear tough EPT chamber: ZJ-1200 Roots pump (2 occasions 11KW, EPTT)
H-150 spool valve pump (four times11KW, EPTT)
Entrance and rear fine EPT chamber: ZJ-300 Roots pump (2 times4KW, EPTT) KT-320 diffusion pump (4 times3KW, with h2o cooling entice, Kerun)
2X-thirty rotary vane pump (two times3KW, ZheJiang XiHu (West EPT) (West EPT) Dis.g)
Transition chamber, coating EPT chamber: KT-320 diffusion pump (ten x 3KW, with water cooling trap, Kerun)
ZJ-600 Roots pump (1 times7.5KW, EPTT) 2X-70 rotary vane pump (two models times5.5KW ZheJiang XiHu (West EPT) (West EPT) Dis.g)

The roughing device is composed of a roots pump, a slide valve pump, a variety of valves, and so on. a high EPT unit is composed of a diffusion pump, a roots pump, a slide valve pump, and numerous valves, pipelines, rubber tubes, etc., in which pipelines and connections The bolts and nuts, valves, unfastened flanges, etc. are made of carbon metal with electroplating on the area.

  1. Fuel supply system:

Each target chamber is equipped with 2 circulation meters, and the EPTT EPTT is geared up with four mass stream meters. The gas EPTT pipeline uses stainless metal pipes.

  1. Vacuum measurement:

Every chamber can be measured separately, and there are 1-two EPT gauge ports on the include plate of every single chamber and the foreline pipe.
Equipped with lower EPT gauge: two sets (1 for every single of the front and rear roughing chambers)
Equipped with compound EPT gauge: 4 sets (one particular for each of the front and rear good extraction chamber and concentrate on chamber)

  1. EPTTrget and EPTT provide:

Outfitted with 4 DC rotating sputtering targets, all rotating targets are respectively set up on the cover plate of the EPT chamber.
The dimensions of the rotating concentrate on is phi152 times2300mm and the focus on base is made
of 304 stainless metal.
Outfitted with 4 domestic DC magnetron sputtering EPTT supplies, every single 80KW.

  1. Film EPT platform: 2500 times 2000 (duration instances width) (immediately

linked to the washing EPTT),

  1. Unloading system: 2500 times2000mm (duration timeswidth), with a rubber roller shaft on each aspect. It is practical to unload the EPT.
  2. EPTT system:

StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd EPT management cupboard, outfitted with touch EPT manage method, to obtain procedure parameters adjustable, memorable and study. The principal low-voltage EPT manage components SchneiEPTTand domestic Chint products. The PLC programmer adopts EPT items to ensure the reliability and security of the handle system Sexual intercourse. This method can realize manual, semi-computerized and fully computerized features. The heating recent of the diffusion pump separately displaEPTTthe heating existing of every single electrical furnace. EPT temperature wire for exterior wiring of electric furnace. Chint merchandise are utilised for ammeter and voltmeter.

  1. Description of primary products configuration
    1. Vacuum box (carbon metal) 6 Kerun EPT

    1. Coating area (carbon carbon) one Kerun EPT
    2. six sets of EPT lock plate (EPT alloy) Kerun Vacuum
    3. 4 sets of DC magnetron sputtering EPTT provide (80KW) ZheJiang EPTEPTT
    4. 4 sets of DC magnetron rotating goal holEPTTZEPTTng Kerun
    5. 2 pieces of EPTTium goal pipes Kerun
    6. 2 pieces of stainless metal targets Kerun
    7. 2 ZJ-1200 Roots pumps EPTT Vacuum EPT Group
    8. 4 H-a hundred and fifty slide valve pumps EPTT Vacuum EPT Team
    9. one ZJ-600 Roots pump EPTT Vacuum EPT Team
    10. two ZJ-300 Roots pumps EPTT Vacuum EPT Group
    11. 2 2X-30 rotary vane pumps ZheJiang XiHu (West EPT) (West EPT) Dis.g
    12. two 2X-70 rotary vane pumps ZheJiang XiHu (West EPT) (West EPT) Dis.g
    13. KT-320 oil diffusion pump 14 sets ZEPTTng Kerun
    14. PLC (Programmable Logic EPTTler) one established LG
    15. 7 sets of frequency converters EPT
    16. Touch EPT (ten.4 inch) 1 manufactured in EPTTiwan
    17. 1 established of management cupboard Kerun
    18. four sets of mass flow controllers (incXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. EPTT provide) BeiEPTTg
    19. four sets of compound EPT gauge (double resistance gauge) HangEPT EPTghua
    20. two reduced EPT gauges HangEPT EPTghua
    21. Manually altering focus on and manual turning frame (carbon carbon) one Kerun
  1. Visual appeal top quality needs
    1. Spray paint on the exterior area of the EPT box
    2. The outer floor of the elements manufactured of carbon steel in the studio must be rust-proofed and then sprayed the outer surface of the EPT pipeline is not painted.
    3. EPTT needs: water-proof and anti-collision in the course of transportation and managing to keep away from area bumps.

five. The purchaser’s self-geared up products:

  1. EPTTp water: fifteen tons-20 tons/hour, stress ge .2Mpa (circulating water offered)
  2. 2 drinking water cooling towers of fifty cubic meters
  3. Compressed air: air pressure .five-.6MPa, usage .6 m3/min.
  4. EPTT offer: 380V three-phase 4-wire method, the EPTT cord is related to the generation line console.
  5. Function place at the input end of the decoration manufacturing line: cleanse and dust-totally free.
  1. Generation consumables this sort of as unique movies required for debugging equipment on the demand facet
  2. Deionized drinking water remedy equipment.

H2o good quality parameters: h2o output ge two-three tons/hour resistivity ge 10 megohms drinking water pressure ge0.1Mpa

  1. Checklist of spare parts shipped with the factory:

one. Journey switch 5 pcs
3. Seal 1 established
4 diffusion pump electric powered hob one established
5. Diffusion pump electrical furnace wire 5pcs


Q1: Are you a investing firm or a manufactory?
A1: We are a manufactory, we source the manufacturing unit value with very good good quality, welcome to check out !

Q2: Why choosing EPTT ?
A2: FounEPTTof EPT engaged in EPTTry manufacturing industry nearly 20 many years of knowledge, skilled creation and export of high-quality EPT processing EPTTry, EPTT EPTT EPTTry, and so on. , exported to all elements of the world, we have been dedicated to undertaking a great work of merchandise, services each customer.

Q3: EPTT warranty requirements ?
A3: We will supply lifeEPTT upkeep provider in the use of EPTTry, we will fix
troubles for buyers free of cost, eliminate all the problems of customers. For
EPTTs past the warranty period, we will alwaEPTTprovide adhere to-up providers and
offer wearing components for free, but we do not supply freight, regional customs clearance fees
and related EPTs.

This fall: This is the first time I purchase EPT EPTT, is it simple to work?
A4: We can offer the procedure manual or video clip for XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.. If it is tough for you understanding, We can assist you by quotTeam viewer quot on the web, with telephone or WhatsApp explain. And We will deliver our engineers to your factory to set up the EPTTs and practice your staff how to run the EPTTs.

Q5: How to choose a appropriate EPTT ?
A5: You can inform us doing work piece materials, measurement, and the ask for of EPTT perform. We can advise the most suited EPTT in accordance to our encounter.

Q6: How can I EPTT your business and your goods ?
A6: The EPTT manufacturing method will be unEPTTregular inspection and rigorous high quality
control. The full EPTT will be tested to make sure they can work really effectively
ahead of becoming out of manufacturing unit. The tests video and photographs will be accessible prior to
shipping and delivery.

Q7: If EPTT have any difficulty right after I ordered it, what could I do ?
A7: Cost-free elements deliver to you in EPTT guarantee period if EPTT have any issue. Free of charge right after-income provider lifestyle for EPTT, make sure you come to feel totally free contact us if your EPTT have any difficulty. We will give you 24hours support from telphone and WhatsApp.

Q8: How about the spare elements?
A8: Following we offer down all the things , we will provide you a spare parts list for your reference.

  in Santiago Chile  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier China Factory Aglasstec High Quality Glass Magnetron Sputtering Coating Equipment manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Santiago Chile  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier China Factory Aglasstec High Quality Glass Magnetron Sputtering Coating Equipment manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler