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Queries for Consumer:
Remember to reply beneath questions and send out responses to email, and then we will send you supply as shortly as achievable.

1, What supplies do you mix? (Names of raw resources?)
2, What is the EPTT fineness (or particle size)? (mesh, mm)
three, What is the bulk density (or particular gravity) of mixed resources? (kg/liter, kg/m3)
four, How a lot of kgs or liters to be blended for every batch?
5, What is the distance from bottom discharge outlet to ground? (cm, mm, m)
6, What design materials do you call for? (You should decide on underneath choice)
A, all development supplies mild steel
B, contact areas stainless metal, non-speak to parts delicate metal
C, all construction supplies stainless metal

1 Doing work theory:
The CMPN series conical Nauta Mixer is comprised of vertical cone-formed tank, two uneven screws, set or total-open up top go over, arms, EPTT device. Two (solitary or a few) screws rotate aEPTT their possess central aXiHu (West EPT) Dis.s, we phone this motion self-rotation the arm EPT the two screws rotate aEPTT the wall of miXiHu (West EPT) tank, we phone this movement revolution. The self-rotation can make the resources elevated the revolution tends to make the resources diffused in the radial the resources elevated with self-rotation forms two content flows and tumble down to fill in the materials emptiness
at the base so the triple compound movement make materials homogenously combined inside of the nauta mixer tank.

2 Performance amp functions:
two.01 EPT: stainless metal 304 / 316L or gentle steel Q235
two.02 Floor remedy: paint (mild metal), polish/sandblasting (stainless steel)
2.03 Agitators: shaft with welded screws
two.04 Mixer tank: vertical, conical tank
two.05 Shaft: two (one or three)
2.06 MiXiHu (West EPT) time: 5-thirty minutes
2.07 Operating product: batch miXiHu (West EPT)
2.08 Pace EPTT: cycloid EPTT
two.09 Rotation pace: set pace
two.10 Seal: oil seal
two.eleven Openings: feeding inlet, manhole, and inspection amp connection port
two.12 Discharge valve: handbook dislocation (plum blossom) discharge valve
two.thirteen Working condition: NPT (standard strain and temperature)
two.fourteen Not large obligation: mixer can not be started out with loading materials
2.fifteen EPTT offer: 220V 50HZ solitary section/ 380V 50HZ three stage
2.sixteen Non ex-evidence electronics (motor, electronic components, handle cabinet)

3 Optional functions:
The following optional functions are accessible: wear-resistant and anti-corrosion components, area remedy single (two or a few) screw shafts constant miXiHu (West EPT) EPT box EPTT changeable velocity EPT openings and discharge valves temperature handle stress prerequisite weighty-obligation configuration motors, electronic aspects, electronic control panel are EPT to various EPTT and ex-proof demands ligEPTT EPT sampling gadget liquid spraying gadget scrappers and so on.

four EPTnical requirements:

Functioning volume
Rotation speed
All round
excess weight
CMPN-fifty twenty-30 2 amp108 .75 Phi600 timesH1200 one hundred twenty
CMPN-100 40-sixty two amp108 one.1 Phi700 timesH1500 200
CMPN-three hundred one hundred twenty-one hundred eighty two amp108 two.two Phi900 timesH2000 five hundred
CMPN-five hundred two hundred-three hundred two amp108 3 Phi1100 timesH2300 650
CMPN-one thousand four hundred-600 2 amp60 4 Phi1600 timesH2700 1200
CMPN-2000 800-1200 2 amp60 five.5 Phi1900 timesH3400 1550
CMPN-3000 1200-1800 two amp60 7.5 Phi2100 timesH3700 2200
CMPN-4000 1600-2400 two amp60 11 Phi2400 timesH4400 2500
CMPN-5000 2000-3000 2 amp60 15 Phi2500 timesH4600 3100
CMPN-6000 2400-3600 two amp60 15 Phi2700 timesH4900 3600
CMPN-8000 3200-4800 two amp60 18.5 Phi2800 timesH5300 4100
CMPN-10000 4000-6000 two amp60 22 Phi3000 timesH5600 4500
CMPN-12000 4800-7200 two amp60 22 Phi3100 timesH6000 4800
CMPN-15000 6000-9000 2 amp60 thirty Phi3400 timesH6600 5100
CMPN-20000 8000-12000 two amp60 45 Phi3700 timesH7100 6200
CMPN-25000 ten thousand-15000 two amp60 55 Phi3900 timesH7500 7300
CMPN-30000 12000-18000 two amp60 seventy five Phi4200 timesH8000 8500

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  in Harare Zimbabwe  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Vertical Cone Shape Dual-Screw Mixer Machine for Coating Powder manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Harare Zimbabwe  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Vertical Cone Shape Dual-Screw Mixer Machine for Coating Powder manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler