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EPT pace Flexo 4 colour printing slotting ampdie slicing EPTT

Operate of the EPTT:

  1. EPTT150 materials of very good anti-seismic performance is employed for the wall of the EPTT to make certain continual EPTT and correct joint of the EPTs. It is processed and completed large precision machining cEPTTr at a single time to improve the precision. The accurate amount gauge is utilised to alter when putting in the EPTT.
  2. The content of all EPTT shafts and rolls are high good quality metal, higher precision dynamic balance adjustment to make certain the constant EPTT, all EPTT shafts and rolls are poEPTTd and plated hard chrome to make sure of the longevity.
  3. All driving EPTs undertake high high quality reduced carbon alloy metal(20CrMnTi), the teeth are ground and the tooth width achieve 60mm.
  4. The EPTT EPTT adopt no crucial connection to eradicate clearance, suited for large speed printing EPTT-term. And for crucial transmitting portion, the EPTTed NSK insert bearings are utilized to make sure EPTT making use of life.
  5. EPT circulation is adopted to lubricate the EPTs, two oil pumps, and circulating oil supply. Self-poise of the oil amount, there is no want to permit out oil, and no leaking of oil will come about.
  6. The EPTT EPTT group undertake electrical separation , pneumatic lock, automobile brake when individual to ensure no printing dislocation.
  7. The alarm will ring continuously when the EPTT moves to ensure security of the personnel.
  8. The wire between the units of the EPTT EPTT is arranged at the leading. The units are all of effectively-identified brand name. EPT contactor, EPTTiwan Fusheng air compressor, HangEPT EPTTts River diaphragm pump, ZheJiang HangEPT ChaoEPTT clutch, Japanese NSK or HangEPT rolling bearing.


Identify of parameter Unit Specification
YEPT1270*2500 YEPT1270*2700 YEPT1270*2900
Inside of width of EPTT mm 2500 2700 2900
Design and style pace Piece/min 100(lead edge) a hundred(direct edge) one hundred(direct edge)
Max dimensions of feeding paper mm 1270*2350 1270*2550 1270*2750
Min dimension of feeding paper mm 380*seven hundred 350*700 350*seven hundred
Feeding paper by partition mm 1600*2350 1600*2550 1600*2750
Max printing location mm 1270*2200 1200*2400 1200*2600
EPT of shade approach(double/three/4/five shade) mm plusmn0.five/ plusmn0.five/ plusmn0.75/ plusmn0.75 plusmn0.5/ plusmn0.five/ plusmn0.75/ plusmn0.75 plusmn0.five/ plusmn0.five/ plusmn0.75/ plusmn0.seventy five
Thickness of stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd printing mm 6 six 6
Thickness of printing paperboard mm 3-11 three-eleven three-eleven
Min slotting area mm 290*60*290*60 290*sixty*290*60 290*60*290*sixty
Max slotting depth mm three hundred 300 three hundred
EPT roller axle circle-oriEPTTd regulating diploma 360 degrevolving 360 degrevolving 360 degrevolving
EPT roller axle-oriEPTTd regulating mm plusmn10 plusmn10 plusmn10
Max die-cutter dimensions mm 1200*2250 1200*2450 1200*2650
Die-cutter thickness mm three-8 3-eight three-8
Total EPTT(double/three/four/5 coloration) Kw twenty/25/thirty/35 forty/fifty/54/sixty three forty/50/54/sixty three


  1. EPTing edge feeding paper technique, simple procedure, high precision. EPT of EPT box adopts the exact same grade material with vehicle EPTT.
  2. The seven.5kw high pressure centrifugal admirer, can manage wind pressure with frequency conversion in accordance to the cardboard warp degree, make sure the warp and slim cardboard transmit quick and correctly.
  3. About aspect clapboard situation is EPTd by lead screw electric powered adjustment.
  4. In front clapboard upper and reduce gap placement, synchronization regulation is optional.
  5. With the paper-feeding partition gadget, you can select partition feeding paper in accordance to need, to guarantee more substantial specification cardboard can also be processed.
  6. Slotting department is loaded with interconnection controlling swap, which can realize unexpected stop, quit feeding or return feeding.


  1. The phase is 360 degadjusted by electric wheel planetary, keyless relationship
    Foot change is set up, and convenient to load and unload.
  2. The plate roller aXiHu (West EPT) can be altered placement by EPTly and manually, go selection:-10mm.
  3. Great quality steel anilox roller made by specialist manufacturing unit.
  4. Drum-type rubber roller created by skilled factory assures the quality of ink distribution.
  5. EPT round ink-providing method.
  6. Optional for ceramic anilox roller.
  7. Max printing spot:1200*2600mm
  8. EPTT plate hold plate, ideal for stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd plate strips.


  1. With pre-creasing wheels for avert the cardboard rupture while creasing.
  2. Solitary aXiHu (West EPT) Dis.s dual blade slot, four blade boost EPTTltaneously the circumstance peak.
  3. The period of slotting device adopts electrical EPTT enter sort 360 degadjust, also can be altered whilst the EPTT running or end.(PLC and touch EPT adjustment is optional)
  4. Slotting device apron and creasing wheel horizontal relocating adopts electric powered synchronous adjustment.
  5. Creasing space and blade roller room adjustment adopts self-lock structure.
  6. The situation heigEPTT adjustment has an anticollision system for slotting blade, will not wipe out the EPTT.
  7. An anticollision system is utilized whilst slotting instrument apron horizontal transferring.
  8. The width of slotting blade is 7mm, adopts alloy metal content and following warmth therapy and grinded, EPT slotting knife, douple-piece type reducing knife, sharp edge, and large precision.


  1. Youli cushion EPTTed from EPTTiwan.
  2. EPTT-heat abrasive belt cushion correction faXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.ty.
  3. Cushion aXiHu (West EPT) floating instantly to enhance the uEPTTzation price of cushion.The range of floating is -20mm(from middle to left or right)
  4. Velocity difference self-compensating purpose.
  5. The aXiHu (West EPT) adjustment of platen roller is electric/manual, selection:-20mm(left to rigEPTT )
  6. Die-slicing period is adjusted by electric earth EPTs, keyless junction.

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  in Cuernavaca Mexico  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 2 3 4 Clour Flexo Printing Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Cuernavaca Mexico  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 2 3 4 Clour Flexo Printing Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler